2010 Summer Seminar Description

Speaking Christian: Redeeming Christian Language

June 21 - 24, 2010

Join Dom Crossan and Marcus Borg as they explore "the surplus of meaning" behind some of the most important words in the Christian language. Understanding words like God, salvation, justice, compassion, and collections of words such as the Lord's Prayer, parables by and about Jesus, the creeds, and eucharistic language, shape what it truly means to be Christian.

The Christian language must be reclaimed, redeemed, and liberated from the distorted meanings it has acquired, bound to conventional domestications. Dom Crossan and Marcus Borg suggest that the key to setting it free, discussed in this year's Summer Seminar, is through an historical and metaphorical approach-a parabolic and symbolic understanding of the language itself. The material is a snapshot of upcoming books by both Crossan and Borg.

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