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Nathan_LeRudFounded as an outreach ministry of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in 1998 by the Rev. Canon Marianne Wells Borg, the Center for Spiritual Development has developed a national reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting programs for spiritual formation and education in North America. From multi-year classes like Seeking God in the 21st Century to speakers such as Marcus Borg, Karen Armstrong, Brian McClaren and Richard Rohr, the Center has articulated a vision of a Christianity that is firmly rooted in tradition and scripture, while open to the experiences of people of faith living in a pluralistic postmodern world.

As the Center enters its second decade, the process of engaging a diverse set of voices while holding firm to a core identity is finding a new voice at Trinity as we explore what it means to be a Commons. There is an opportunity now for the Center for Spiritual Development to locate itself at the center of this Trinity Commons and equip both the Cathedral congregation and our larger community to engage new questions in fresh ways. We live in a mobile, plugged-in, socially networked world, so our conversations will look different - and occur on a wider variety of platforms - than they have in years past. This new vision is still emerging, and I invite you to be a part of the Center's developing identity. Sign up for e-mails, find us on Facebook, become a Friend of the Center or just start showing up and adding your voice to the ongoing conversation!

The Rev. Canon Nathan LeRud, Canon for Spiritual Formation


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