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Apostle Paul2009 Summer Seminar: The "First" Paul: Radical Apostle of Jesus
Marcus Borg & John Dominic Crossan, Presenters

Seminar CD's: $75

Paul was a radical visionary. The letters of Paul in the New Testament were written by three authors, all writing in the name of Paul. There is the "reactionary Paul," the "conservative Paul" and the Paul of Tarsus who had a compelling and life changing encounter with the Risen Lord - the "radical Paul." This seminar explores the three Paul's, helping us understand how the radical message of the gospel got domesticated in the first 50 years after Jesus' death. Add this seminar to their previous seminars on Jesus and the Bible, and mysticism you will be given a full view of what it means to be Christian in the 21st Century.

Contents: Seminar - 15 CD's, includes Seminar materials
OrderDate Recorded: June 15 - 18, 2009
Product Code: CD's-SSC009; DVD's not yet available


St. JohnLadder to Heaven: An Introduction to Christian Meditation & Entering the Mind of Christ
James Finley, Presenter

Lecture CD: $10

Workshop CD's: $30

An introduction to the practice of Christian meditation with renown retreat leader, contemplative practice teacher and Merton scholar James Finley. An emphasis this weekend is on meditation as a grounding place for learning to live a more contemplative way of life in the midst of today’s world. The topics covered in the workshop include: our call to enter into the ongoing, mystical heritage of the Christian tradition; simple guidelines for practicing meditation in the Christian tradition; the path of meditation described in The Cloud of Unknowing; the path of meditation described by Saint John of the Cross; entering the mind of Christ; and, meditation as our grounding place in contemplative living.

Contents: Lecture - 1 CD; Workshop - 3 CD's
order recording Date Recorded: May 15 & 16, 2009
Product Code: Lecture-JF009; Workshop-JF010


People's HistoryA Weekend with Diana Butler Bass:
Spiritual Amnesia: How We Lost the Insights of Regular People

Lecture CD: $10


Remembering Anew: Becoming a Community of Memory, History & Story & Finding Hope: The Accumulated Human Experience of God

Workshop CD: $30

In her weekend presentations, author, speaker, and independent scholar specializing in American religion and culture Diana Butler Bass discusses the grassroots Christian movements of our time, providing the historical evidence that celebrates these movements as thoroughly Christian and faithful to the Jesus’ mission and message of social justice. An important presentation for clergy and parishioners, Bass' weekend presentations bring to life, through story and anecdote, the movements, personalities, and spiritual practices that have always informed and ignited Christian worship and social activism.

Contents: Lecture - 1 CD; Workshop - 3 CD's
order recording Date Recorded: March 27 & 28, 2009
Product Code: Lecture-DB003, Workshop-DB004


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