John Shelby Spong

The pre-eminent voice for liberal Christianity, John Shelby Spong, was the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark for 24 years before his retirement. Bishop Spong is the author of several best-selling books which have sold more than 650,000 copies combined, including Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism; Why Christianity Must Change or Die; and, Here I Stand, a memoir of his journey.



Center Recordings by this Speaker

Light RaysIn Search of the Wonder of God: Transcending the Limits of Religion & Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes

Lecture CD: $10

Workshop CD: $30

In this weekend presentation at The Center Bishop Spong discusses our search for a God that transcends the traditional paradigm. At the Saturday workshop he presents a method for reading the Bible, specifically the Hebrew Scriptures through a Jewish lense.

Contents: Lecture - 1 CD; Workshop - 3 CD's
order recording Date Recorded: January 16 & 17, 2004
Product Code: Lecture-JS001, Workshop-JS002

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